About Hayes Iron and Metal
Hayes Iron and Metal, Inc is a 2 location enterprise with a footprint in Eastern, Central and North Central, North Carolina and Southern Virginia. We employ over 50 people in our recycling centers and yards. Hayes strives to provide excellent customer service and continued growth to ensure we maintain the ability to service our large industrial scrap accounts and local customers for all of their ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling needs.


Hayes Iron and Metal is active in supporting the local communities, as well as helping companies and individuals reduce the carbon footprint. Hayes regularly sponsors golf tournaments, little league teams and community festivals.

Company History
Hayes Iron and Metal, Inc. was founded in 1930 by Olley and Mozella Hayes and John Haley.  On a 60 acre lot, a scrap metal yard was established and an enterprise was built.  Pushed out of the original location on what is now known as Goodyear Blvd in 1978 due to the new highway coming through, the property on Walters Mill Rd was made our new home.  Over time, more land was purchased to help meet the needs of the ever growing company and industry.   The company has been owned and operated by a member of the family since the founding.  In 1941 Hayes answered the nation’s call for scrap metal contributions for the war effort, contributing 325 pound of aluminum, worth $40.63, the single, largest contribution in Danville, VA.
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